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What is 100% farm raised tuna?

The world has been waiting for a balance between the joy of eating and the protection of the environment

100% farm raised tuna differs from other farm raised tuna grown from wild tuna fry, because 100% farm raised tuna is grown from farm raised tuna fry, leaving no impact on wild blue fin tuna ecology. People are raising their voices to limit the catch of wild blue fin tuna, especially in Europe, and it was a big topic at CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) held in Doha, Qatar on March 2010.

The technology used for 100% farm raised tuna is getting attention from not only distributors, but also media companies, and research organizations.

We brought farm raised tuna fry from Kinki University, the world’s first organization to successfully raise tuna from farm-raised tuna fry. Then we applied our technology from raising farmed yellowtail in the last twenty years, to make a 100% farm raised commercial production of Blue Fin Tuna, for the first time in the world.

We will continue to promote “TEN-QOO MAGURO“ by producing and selling them, doing our best to protect wild blue fin tuna ecology.

Fingerling produced by KINDAI UNIVERSITY Aquaculture Technology and Production Center

All seedlings produced by Kinki University must carry this seal of origin.

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Mechanism of farm-raised tuna

Only tuna that one 3rd generation or later and raised by artificial incubation, can be considered a "Complete Cultivation".



Market research

We did our research in a large metropolitan area, to figure out how many people were interested in eating 100% farm raised tuna. More than 90% of those people polled answered, “I would like to try“, or “I may want to try“. This survey shows people’s high interest in 100% farm raised tuna.


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