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7 Characteristics


We have raised our tuna through original technology developed over the decades in our yellow tail farming operations. Our specially blended raw fish mixture, free of any artificial grains or additives, insures the right amount of fat for a smooth texture and taste that simply melts in your mouth. Odors normally present in grain fed fish are completely eliminated.

2.“Raw” Freshness

Once harvested our tuna are kept chilled in Slurry Ice for maximum freshness. This product and method has keen approved by an incorporated association of frozen products in Japan. (Approval No.40021001)



TEN-QOO MAGURO contains a healthy and well balanced amount of protein, fat, vitamins and minerals.

4.Safe and Reliable

From the time the baby tuna is hatched, feeding times, feed ratios and all pertinent data is recorded for optimum management. Compared to wi ld tuna, TEN-QOO MAGURO is completely safe to consume. Since we can control the rearing process, the percentage of mercury contained in their body is half of that of wild tuna.


5.Competitive Pricing

Blue fin tuna is the king of tuna family, and wild tuna commands a high price. In comparison, the year around availability of our farm raised tuna creates competitive and stable pricing.

6.Stable shipping

All of our tuna is raised in a preserve located in Amakusa; Kumamoto prefecture and harvested daily, so we can ship year around. Shipping is reliable, quick and efficient.

7.Environment friendly

TEN-QOO MAGURO is raised carefully from artificially hatched tuna larva brought by Kinki University and has no impact on wild blue fin tuna ecology. This product is gaining many people' s attention as an environmentally friendly and sustainable seafood product.

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