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Quality Standard

1.Raised in currents of two knots or more

Our fish swim against a steady current in order to produce a tighter, more muscular and fatty meat.

2.We feed only raw f ish to our tuna

No grains or artificial additives are used. This insures the natural quality of the meat and eliminates grain related odors.

3.All Natural - Drug and additive free

All fish are free of vaccinations and anti-biotics.

4.Caught with the pole and line fishing method

The pole and line fishing method used is the best way to avoid stressing the fish.

5.Fish are processed within two minutes after being caught

Once caught all blood and viscera are removed immediately to optimize freshness and shelf life and to significantly reduce odors.

6.Seawater and ice are used during processing

Fish are kept cool in seawater and ice while being bled.

7.Controlling products under HACCP

The products are handled in HACCP approved facilities (both processing and packaging ), and processed under strict supervision.

8.Complete Traceability

We keep all data (feed type, farming methods … etc.) from hatching until shipment.

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